Nina Hanssen is a Norwegian public speaker, author and journalist and an SDG advisor and motivator. She has previously lived and worked in Kenya. She is a researcher, author, award winning Journalist, author and Media Manager in Oslo, Norway.
Hanssen’s master thesis was on press freedom in connection with Kenya’s first multi-party election in 1992.She has a solid experience as journalist in many subject areas. She has been a media manager, with editorial tasks in several newsrooms. She has worked as a journalist in several countries and in different cultures, such as in Norway, Kenya, the Middle East and in England. She has been a local club leader in the Norwegian Union of Journalists, a national union leader for the Labor Movement’s Media Association, for seven years, chair of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Union’s (LO) association for magazines, as well as the Norwegian Specialized Press Association’s forum for journalists, and the forum for editors. She has practiced a wide range of journalistic genres, such as news articles, columns, feature, books, as well as audio and video. Nina is a trainer, mentor and motivational speaker.